Welcome to the Home of the Zakki Sieve!

Deepwater Koi Innovations produces only the highest quality filtration systems and koi pond building supplies.  Our product line is always growing and our Zakki Sieve and Zakki Shower Filters have been well received all over the country.

Please excuse the outdated pictures and videos of our products.  We are a very small business and haven't had the time to update the website will all of the new offerings.  It is best to reach out to us through email for the most up to date information. Zac@DeepwaterKoi.com

The Zakki Cubed

The Zakki Cubed

Deepwater Koi Innovations is known for designing the most efficient shower filters available when total space used is accounted for.  We pack as much biological filtering power as possible into a small and aesthetically pleasing filter.

  • Price: $850.00