Standard No-Niche Skimmer

Deepwater Koi's Large No-Niche Skimmers really live up to their name when they are compared to the original swimming pool no-niche skimmer.  

Our Standard No-Niche Skimmer has over 3 TIMES the waste handling capcity of the pool style skimmers, and the Double-Tall No-Niche has almost 6 1/2 TIMES the capacity.  

The large circular floating weir provides over 20 inches of surface skimming power!  Compare that to the normal pond skimmers that only have between 6" and 16" of width. 

The circular shape of our floating weir is wlso what makes our skimmer FISH SAFE!!!!  Unlike normal skimmers, that have a hinged door, that tilts in towards the skimmer opening, our floating weir travels vertically up and down according to the amount of water flowing through the skimmer.  The hinged door on the standard pond skimmers is VERY dangerous for your fish.  I have seen countless numbers of fish get fatally injured while they were chasing food into a hinged door skimmer.  Once the fish swims into the skimmer, there is no way for them to exit  This dangerous situation is eliminated due to the vertical travel of our floating weir.  The fish cannot simply push down the floating weir, so they just bump into the weir and swim away uninjured.

The pipe outlet diamneter can be any size between 2" and 4" pipe, and the location of the eoutlet can eaither be vertically on the bottom of the skimmer or it can be installed horizontally on the side of the skimmer housing.  

The floating weir has up to 6" of travel, and the recommended flow rate is between 1,200 and 3,500 GPH.

There is a small hole on the bottom plate of the skimmer to act as a water drain (when you lower the water inside the pond, the water level inside the skimmer will also go down) so that the skimmer doesn't get incredibly heavy when you lower the water level of the pond.  This hole also acts as an air purge (as the pond water level starts to fill up, the water will start to enter the skimmer through this hole and purge the air out of the skimmer body) so that your skimmer doesn't try and float away as you raise the water level inside the pond.

Standard No-Niche Skimmer
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