Retro-Fit Bottom Drains

Normal retail pricing is $195, but we cannot accept any new orders until Sept 2019.


These drains have a 10 3/4" diameter and a height of 7 1/2". The four stainless steel legs can be used to set the desired gap from 3/8" up to 1 1/4", as well as level the drain to make up for any inconsistencies in the bottom of the pond.

Both bottom drain styles have enough mass ( 9 lbs )so the fish will not move it very easily.  This weight will also allow for it to easily stay submerged even with 40 LPM of air going through the low head diffuser. No need to add sand as a weight with other manufacturers.

The Non-Aerated Drain has a domed lid to keep waste from settling on top of the drain, and the edges of the lid have been rounded over for fish safety.

The Aetrated Drain has an air supply fitting that is a 3/8" male barb so you can easily connect your weighted airline inside the drain.  This design keeps all sharp edges away from the fish for the safest retro-fit bottom drain available.  We also use the highest quality, low restriction air diffuser available, which has a completely rubber exterior so there is no hard plastic for the fish to cut themselves on increasing the safety of this bottom drain.

The pipe connection is customizable from 2" up to 4" so it can work with any desired flow rate.

Retro-Fit Bottom Drains
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