Concrete In-Wall Fish Safe Skimmer

Normal retail pricing is $350, but we cannot accept any new orders until Sept 2019.


This new skimmer is designed to fit completely inside of a concrete koi pond wall.  Unlike other skimmers that have portrusions outside of the wall that look un-natural.  The size of the skimmer is equal to two standard 8" x 16" x 8" concrete blocks stack on top of each other.  If you look to the right side of this picture you can see the skimmer nestled perfectly into this concrete block wall...

The floating weir has up to 6" of vertical travel so your pond water level does not have to remain perfectly constant.  In order to service the skimmer the top lid needs to be removable so you cannot permenantly install coping over the top of the skimmer lid.  The skimmer basket is quite large and has 1/8" diameter holes so only the smallest particles are able to pass through.  The high open area of the basket allows for a high flow rate of up to 3500 GPH through the skimmer.  The pipe outlet can be customized to any location but it is generally positioned so that the pipe can pass through one of the cell openings of a concrete block.  The face of the skimmer has a clamping flange so you can make it watertight with rubber liners or with a spray on polyurea coating.

Concrete In-Wall Fish Safe Skimmer
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