Bulletproof Retro-Fit Bottom Drains

The name says it all!  You can rest assured that these drains are the strongest, safest and most clog free drains ever designed.

Bulletproof Retro-Fit Bottom Drains feature a bottom plate that can be adjusted by swapping out the three different sized stand-offs, ranging from 5/8” gap to 1 1/8” gap.  You could also combine different sizes if you wanted an even larger gap, or sand down the provided stand-offs for almost infinite adjustability.  

The bottom plate serves three purposes... 

1 - It protects your fish from getting sucked into the drain.

2 - It keeps your drain from getting clogged with large debris.

3 - It eliminates the chance of the drain getting sucked down onto your rubber liner.

The screws that secure the stand-offs and bottom plate are 3” SS screws, so there is plenty of strength even if large gaps are chosen.

The sheer weight of these drains is more than enough to keep securely placed at the bottom of your pond.  This weight eliminates the need for extra ballast (sand/rocks/etc) to be placed inside the drain, making for an easier install.  This also eliminates the chances of air being trapped inside the ballast chamber like in other retro-fit drains available.

Taking that concept one step forward… These drains have been designed in such a way to naturally purge all of the air out from under the top cover as your koi pond fills with water.  That means you can place either these bottom drains in an empty pond, and not have to swim back to purge any trapped air.

The Non-Aerated Drains have an attractive, smooth dome that has been thermoformed into the drain cover, and a nice rounded edge for fish safety.  The top of the dome has a small air purge hole allowing all of the air to escape at the highest point on the drain.  

The Aerated Drains have a slightly angled air tubing hole, drilled at the top of the drain for the same purpose.  It is large enough to pass your 5/8” OD weighted airline tubing through the hole, and allow for all of the air to escape as the pond fills.  The air bubbles are produced with a highly efficient rubber air diffuser, that has been permanently adhered to the top of the drain.  This innovative design is just one more example of how Deepwater Koi is pushing the limits of product design.   Installing the diffuser in this way eliminates another spot for air to be trapped, thus making it more user friendly.  It also eliminates the rough edges of the screw-on type  air diffuser, which keeps your precious fish safe!

The price remains the same, no matter which outlet pipe size you choose.  The outlets are either 2”, 3” or 4” Sch 40 GREY pipe nipples, so you just need a rubber coupler to make your plumbing connections inside the koi pond.  It is recommended to place the clamps worm screw at the bottom of the coupler, and use a couple wraps of black electrical tape the secure the loose end of the clamp to the coupler.  This will cover up the bright shiny clamp and make it more safe for the curious fish swimming by

The Aerated Drains have a 3/8” Barb fitting inside the drain, so your weighted airline tubing needs to have a 3/8” ID for easy air connections

Bulletproof Retro-Fit Bottom Drains
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