100 Microns Sieve Screen

By popular demand we are offering a chance to order a custom 100 Microns Sieve Screen than can be swapped into your existing Zakki Sieves, or can come with your new Zakki Sieve as an option.  

If you are ordering a replacement 100 Microns Screen, then I will install all of the hardware onto the screen and get them setup to fit into most sieve filters.  However each filter is just a little different in width for the screen so some modification may be required on your end to get an exact fit.

If you are choosing the 100 Microns Screen as a factory option, then the screen will be fit perfectly for the sieve you are ordering.

In order to make this custom screen purchase a reality we will need get enough pre-orders gathered together to start a production run.  Making custom screens is a VERY expensive thing to do unless we can spread the setup costs over multiple screens.  We will need commitments for 12 small sieve screens and 12 large screens in order to make this happen at the pricing listed.  If we get close but not all the way to 12 screens in each size I may have to update the pricing a little to offset the additional costs, but we will cross that brdge if we get there.

100 Microns Sieve Screen
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Price $350.00